National Industry Consortium For Extended Producers Responsibility


WeCare is a growing consortium of self-motivated businesses focused on sustainable management of plastic and committed to Extended Producers Responsibility.


Demonstrating Leadership for Sustainable Management of Plastic Waste


WeCare has become a credible platform for  companies to collectively engage with various stakeholders and demonstrate leadership while managing the plastic waste. It is a united voice of Industry for driving policy advocacy

Our Approach

Collective approach to tackle plastic waste

Commitment in meeting EPR obligations

Identify opportunities for partnerships

Drive efficient disposal of used MLP

What We Do




We collaborate with government, Industry, Civil Society and Municipal Corporation for sustainable management of plastic waste



WeCare collaborates with media, consumers particularly the youth on various awareness initiatives on plastic



We promote industry excellence with research and insights on sustainable plastic packaging and waste management

Our Esteemed Members


Join the United Voice on Sustainable Management of Plastic